Product shot of the skingrip

Pushing human potential through science and design

Our story began with a question: why don’t quarterbacks and long snappers use gloves when almost every other football player uses them?  We interviewed dozens of athletes  — from tennis, baseball, to basketball, handball, e-sport, and squash — who all said the same thing:

Feel and dexterity.

So we used our science and product design background to create the first human skin enhancement for performance-driven athletes.

“No one plays barefoot anymore. While so much performance advancement has happened in footwear, we believe it’s time for hands to finally meet the future.”

— Vincent Aubert, Co-founder

We knew that we could increase spin, spiral, control, handling and dribble, regardless the conditions, thanks to our technical substrate with its nanoscale slats and polymerized silicone. 

But the real challenge was to create that invisible feel sought after by athletes. It became clear that the substrate needed to be merged to the skin to avoid any gap and dexterity issues.

After months of material trials, tests and analysis with professional athletes, thousands of designs, and hundreds of prototypes, we created the Stellar skingrips.

Product shot of the skingrip

“Amongst hundreds of products we've created for the biggest sports brands, this is one of the most simple but incredible pieces of technology we’ve designed to date.”

— Bastien Jourde, Co-founder
Stellar offices - People working

Stellar has offices in Quebec and Montreal (Canada) and its team is composed of professional athletes, advanced material specialists and product designers with a 15 year history creating award-winning products for sports' biggest brands such as: Under Armour, Cutters, Wilson, Patagonia, Reebok, CCM, Scott, Evoshield, McDavid, Salomon, Merrell, etc.